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BWT and Push Climbing Join Hands in Climbing Adventures Promoting Well-being and Sustainability

Ho Chi Minh City, 1 January, 2024 – Best Water Technologies (BWT), a leading advocate for well-being and sustainability in Vietnam and around the world, is excited to announce its partnership with Push Climbing, a renowned hub for climbing enthusiasts. This collaboration marks a significant step towards fostering a healthy lifestyle while prioritizing sustainable choices.

At the heart of this partnership is a shared commitment to promoting well-being and environmental responsibility. BWT, known for its dedication to providing top-quality water solutions, is set to enhance the climbing experience at Push Climbing facilities. Look out for the innovative BWT AQA drink water dispensers strategically placed throughout the climbing facility. These dispensers will offer climbers and staff an unparalleled hydration experience, delivering water enriched with magnesium to keep adventurers refreshed and energized.

The collaboration goes beyond elevating the climbing experience; it's about making a collective impact on the environment. With a focus on reducing single-use plastic waste, BWT and Push Climbing are encouraging climbers to choose locally filtered water over disposable bottles. The partnership aims to contribute to a healthier planet by advocating for sustainable choices and reducing the environmental footprint associated with plastic waste.

"As we embark on this exciting journey with Push Climbing, we are not just enhancing the climbing experience but also championing sustainability," says Mr. Aron Szabo, Managing Director at BWT. "Our BWT AQA drink water dispensers are a testament to our commitment to provide not only the highest quality hydration but also to promote eco-friendly practices.

Push Climbing's Brand Manager, Ms. Yulie, expresses her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "As a sports company, Push Climbing actively seeks like-minded partners who prioritize customer health, making our collaboration with BWT highly satisfying. Since installation, we've seen a significant increase in water consumption among both employees and customers. The water is refreshing, has a great taste, and contributes to keeping climbers hydrated and at their peak performance. The added advantage of magnesium enrichment in BWT water has notably helped our climbers avoid muscle cramps after extended climbing sessions. We're incredibly grateful for this exceptional product."

By choosing BWT AQA drink water dispensers and opting for locally filtered water, climbers at Push Climbing are not only supporting their health but also contributing to the global movement towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Join BWT and Push Climbing in this exciting journey of well-being, adventure, and sustainability. Embrace the climb, stay refreshed, and make a positive impact on the planet.