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BWT RFA 100 Automatic Backwash Filter Series

Product overview

  • High capacity, automatic backwash filter
  • Available with 100 and 200 micron filter mesh
  • 100 micron mesh is manufactured according to DVGW guidelines
  • Automatic, electronically controlled rinsing
  • Fault signal connection to building management system is optionally available

Automatic backwash, particle filter.

BWT - the New Colour in Formula 1

BWT Forula 1BWT, Europe's leading water technology company, has given Sahara Force India a brand-new look. In the 2017 Formula 1 season their VJM10 will be competing in the colours of pink, magenta and silver, clearly signalling a long-term relationship between BWT, the Austrian-headquartered water brand, and the Formula 1 team, Sahara Force India.

The new colours were seen for the first time at the opening race of the season, the Australian Grand Prix, in Melbourne.

The partnership represents BWT’s first involvement in Formula One as the brand takes advantage of the sport’s global footprint to promote its unique water treatment products, such as the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer. BWT’s presence is also reinforced with the BWT pink helmets of Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon to complement the unique BWT pink car.

To read more about BWT’s unique Magnesium Mineralizer product line, that provides Magnesium (Mg2+) Mineralized water directly from your tap, please click here.

BWT - becomes a new Mercedes-AMG sponsor in the DTM

BWT DTMFollowing numerous successful marketing campaigns in recent years, BWT is ready to surge ahead to the very pinnacle of motor racing in the DTM, the most popular international touring car series, and is now an official partner of the Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM.

“The racing partnership with Mercedes in the DTM will strengthen BWT’s international market presence and help us boost our brand profile even further among consumers. Mercedes-AMG will be associated with our high standards of quality, innovative technology and a passion for everything we do – focused as always on providing our customers with the best possible products and services.”

Lutz Hübner, CEO of BWT Wassertechnik GmbH.

“We’re delighted to have BWT as another new partner for the DTM 2015 season. BWT’s innovative water treatment products deliver top quality water in all aspects of our daily life, and the DTM is the perfect platform for BWT to increase awareness of this technology and bring it to a wider audience. And the bright colours of Lucas Auer’s BWT Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM will hardly fail to attract the attention of the DTM fans this season!” Ulrich Fritz, Mercedes-AMG DTM team manager

Professional after-sales service: maintenance, replacement filters and more

BWT service and maintenanceEven the best water filtration systems are useless without reliable after-sales service support.

BWT aftersales service portfolio:

  • regular maintenance - to make sure that your BWT advanced water filtration system will continue to serve you for years to come;
  • on time filter replacement service or reliable spare parts availability – to ensure maximum hygiene;
  • ad hoc service – to quickly fix accidental equipment damages
  • genuine BWT parts
  • extended availability , no unexpected downtime
  • for full warranty support and long service life
  • professional service in accordance with BWT guidelines

BWT after-sales service is always there to help.

Please click here to read more about BWT after-sales service packages.

BWT Group is here to stay – Global presence in over 70 countries worldwide

BWT Global PresenceInvesting into a BWT water filtration system is only the first step in your long-term partnership with Europe’s Number 1 water filtration enterprise.

Unlike other companies that tend to disappear within a few years after entering the market, BWT Group has a long-term commitment to every market it serves. The strength of our global network enables us to focus on our long-term goals without the pressure to sacrifice these goals on the altar of short term profitability.

Always available replacement filters and spare parts, professional after-sales support, consistently and continuously trained service technicians; and up to date water filtration technologies are only a small part of your benefits when you choose to invest into BWT water filtration.

When you purchase a BWT product you can be certain that you enjoy clean, healthy water for years - and even decades - to come, while you can enjoy trouble-free, professional, on-site service support from our ever expanding network of BWT certified technicians and professionals throughout Vietnam.