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Pure Pleasure From The Water Dispenser

Special filter systems from BWT for deliciously fresh water. 

Water dispensers with a mains water supply are part of the standard equipment in numerous companies. Employees can pour their thirst quenchers themselves in coffee kitchens and canteens – still or sparkling, chilled or non-​chilled. “To make sure that only the best water with an outstanding taste reaches drinking glasses, we recommend optimising raw water with our special filter systems for cold water dispensers. They reduce substances that impair taste, add minerals to the water and ensure that it is hygienically flawless,” says Dr. Frank Neuhausen, Managing Director from BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH. 

Connoisseur water with a mineral note

The BWT Filter Cartridge AQA drink Magnesium Mineralized Water Care (MCS) is a game-changer for soft water filtration. Tailored specifically for soft water applications, this cartridge enriches water with magnesium while ensuring a flawless taste experience. Its specialized filter technology is finely tuned for water hardness levels ≤ 5°dH (89ppm), guaranteeing consistent performance in various soft water conditions. By infusing magnesium into your drinking water, BWT MCS transforms every glass into a refreshing indulgence, perfectly suited to your palate's preferences.

Beyond taste enhancement, the BWT MCS prioritizes your health and well-being with comprehensive filtration capabilities. Not only does it remove chlorine and heavy metals, but it also eliminates harmful bacteria and microplastics, delivering water that's both delicious and safe to drink. With BWT MCS, you can sip with confidence, knowing that every drop is purified to the highest standards. Experience hydration like never before - enriched with magnesium, free from impurities, and tailored to your exacting standards. Choose BWT MCS for water that's not just refreshing, but truly revitalizing.

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