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Soda Water: Is it safe to wash your face? 😲

In our busy lives, many of us stick to the simple routine of washing our faces with tap water. But lately, some have been intrigued by the idea of using soda water for skincare. As this trend gains traction, it's important to understand whether it's safe and effective compared to our usual routine. Let's delve into the pros and cons of washing your face with soda water.

BWT and Chemours Unveil THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company GmbH – A Joint Venture

Meeting the demand in mobility applications is crucial for the advancement of a global, sustainable hydrogen economy.

FUMATECH, a pioneer in electrochemical applications such as water treatment and energy-related fields, and a member of the BWT Group since 1997, has joined forces with Chemours, a global chemistry company, to establish a joint venture named THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company GmbH – A BWT Chemours Company.

The Irritating Intruder: How Limescale Invades Your Bathroom

Hard water, laden with minerals like calcium and magnesium, may seem harmless at first glance. However, its silent accomplice, limescale, can wreak havoc in your bathroom, turning it into an irritating battleground. This stubborn residue is a common side effect of hard water, and if left unchecked, it can gradually transform your once pristine sanctuary into a less-than-inviting space.

BWT and Push Climbing Join Hands in Climbing Adventures Promoting Well-being and Sustainability

Ho Chi Minh City, 1 January, 2024 – Best Water Technologies (BWT), a leading advocate for well-being and sustainability in Vietnam and around the world, is excited to announce its partnership with Push Climbing, a renowned hub for climbing enthusiasts. This collaboration marks a significant step towards fostering a healthy lifestyle while prioritizing sustainable choices.

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